Saturday, January 17, 2009

Media Tips for Authors: How to Get Free Publicity for Your Book

Got a book? Yes? Got a huge PR budget and staff of 12 to promote it? I thought not.

Want a concise, easy to follow, 20-page book that tells you what you can do to get your book free press? Whitney Keyes has it. You can have it. Why is it important?

Because Whitney tells you how the power of the press can increase your book's visibility and boost your book sales. Find out how to think like a reporter and approach your book's newsworthiness in a format that appeals to newspeople. Plus, the resource guide at the back is a fantastic collection of must-reads for anyone interested in working with the media.

When I have a book to sell, this will absolutely be in my packet of daily references. Every client of mine for whom this is relevant is going to get a copy. This little book is a terrific starting place, and continuing reference, for anyone who wants to promote a book without a budget.

Thanks, Whitney!